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Touched by Aye Dragon Tail Series



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The Touched by Aye Dragon series consists of 10 children’s books that support spiritual exploration and encourage moral development.


Children learn through the things that delight them, and they will love the adorable dragons in this series! Each book takes children into a wonderful fantasy world where they follow the dragons through adventures and predicaments. Ultimately the dragons learn how to follow the “Happy Trail” that leads them to bright outcomes and hopeful convictions.


Touched by Aye Dragon Tail books will keep you and your children laughing and grabbing your hearts, while at the same time helping you teach your children important life skills. Children will learn right along with the dragon characters about the importance of regulating their emotions, improving their thinking, and building relationships with those around them.


This series isn’t just for parents. grandparents, teachers, therapists, foster parents, and adoptive parents can all use these books to help them in their crucial work of raising, supporting, and nurturing kids.

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